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SEAT Ibiza 5dr

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With sharp lines and angular headlights, the exterior design of the Ibiza 5DR is both striking and distinctive. There's also a superb range of vibrant colours to choose from such as Lima Green so that you can really stand out from the crowd.

The optional bi-xenon headlights, combined with attractive LED daytime running lights and rear LED taillights accentuate the clean lines of the car perfectly. Providing illumination more powerful than standard halogen headlights, bi-xenon headlights optimise visibility when driving at night.


With body coloured bumpers, streamlined front grille and integrated high-visibility brake light, the Ibiza is certainly stunning. It also has a few clever design features, such as the electronically-controlled boot latch concealed behind the SEAT badge.


Luxurious upholstery options and a leather steering wheel (SE and above), make every journey just a bit more special. The multi-functional steering column means the controls are always at your fingertips.


A range of alloy wheels up to 17”, plus colour options, means you now have even more scope to create your very own SEAT Ibiza.



The Ibiza is positively brimming with innovative technology designed to make every trip easy, safe and, of course, fun.


Rear LED taillights mean you can be seen more clearly than ever - whatever the road conditions, enhancing safety and at the same time, looking great.


The front fog lights not only look good, they also have a cornering function where they will illuminate more of the road depending on the direction of the steering wheel. They're also very useful when manoevring into parking spaces to illuminate any obstacles.


You can upgrade to bi-xenon headlights with AFS (that's Adaptive Front-Lighting System to the uninitiated). These follow the direction of the steering wheel to illuminate the road ahead offering a wider field of vision. LED daytime running lights are not only attractive but ensure that you can be seen more easily by other drivers and pedestrians.


Optional cruise control takes the stress out of long journeys. Just set the desired speed and the system will maintain this speed until you intervene by either touching the brake or selecting cancel.


The convenience pack is comprised of automatic headlights which switch on and off depending on the light conditions, rain sensing wipers that are activated at the first drop of rain and adjust the speed accordingly and the autodimming rear view mirror. It also includes folding door mirrors for added protection when parked on a busy street.



The technology inside the Ibiza 5DR strengthens the connection between you and the road, giving you the driving pleasure you deserve.


See the exact time since you started the engine, your fuel consumption, range and more at the touch of a button. The trip computer gives you all the information you need.


Naturally your Ibiza 5dr gives you everything you’d expect: a powerful MP3 compatible CD player with six speakers for crystal-clear sound and stunning acoustics.


Makes manoeuvring into parking spaces a breeze. The steering feedback is greater at higher speeds to ensure optimum control whilst at lower speeds, the feel is lighter.


The optional climate control system monitors the conditions outside and adjusts inside temperature accordingly to maintain a consistent ambience.


The remote controls on the steering column means you can operate all the most important functions without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes off the road.


Standard Hill Hold Control assists you during hill starts on steep slopes by holding the brakes for approximately two seconds, allowing you to pull away safely without rolling back.



Your Ibiza 5DR is great fun to drive. But if things don't go to plan, it’s good to know it’s packed with advanced safety features.

Naturally, you get head and thorax airbags for both driver and passenger, plus four three-point rear safety belts. Little ones are protected by ISOFIX points with a top tether anchoring system for child seats.

There is also a range of active safety systems to help you stay out of trouble in the first place.


For your added safety, the Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) and XDS, tyre pressure monitoring and hill-hold control all come as standard. Plus Electronic Brake Assist (EBA), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Automatic Warning Lights are all designed to make collisions less likely.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) monitors traction and adjusts the power the each wheel should it detect a loss of grip. For versions with engines over 100PS offer XDS on top, giving you even more control when cornering. Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) ensures maximum braking from the shortest pedal pressure when performing an emergency stop.

And if you do need to brake suddenly, the brake lights flash, warning drivers behind you.

Standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring will monitor the tyre pressure of each wheel and warns the driver if a little more air is required.



You’ll find an extensive range of engines to choose from.

Our diesel engines incorporate state-of-the-art Common Rail technology to maximise efficiency and performance, while EU5-compliant engines save fuel and reduce particulates. You can also achieve the smoothest of gear changes if you opt for a DSG-auto version.

Our Ecomotive engine offers greatly reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, without losing that special feeling of driving pleasure that only comes from driving a SEAT.

Start/Stop technology automatically turns off the engine when you’re stationary in traffic - saving fuel as you wait without turning off the air conditioning or other electronics. Ready to go? The engine starts in a fraction of a second.

Petrol Engines:

  • 1.2 12V 70PS - 125 g/km CO2

  • 1.4 16V 85PS - 139 g/km CO2

  • 1.2 TSI 105PS - 119 g/km CO2

  • 1.2 TSI 105PS DSG-auto - 124 g/km CO2

  • 1.4 TSI ACT 140PS – 109 g/km CO2

Diesel Engines:

  • 1.2 TDI 75PS - 102 g/km CO2

  • 1.2 TDI 75PS Ecomotive - 92 g/km CO2

  • 1.6 TDI 105PS - 112 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TDI 143PS - 123 g/km CO2

*SEAT Portable System Live Includes one month free Live services. Lifetime service available for purchase at the Garmin Fresh shop. To find out more please contact your dealer.