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SMC Exeter SEAT -  01392 457700

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SMC County Garage -  01626 333433

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SMC Garage Group -  01392 424478


SMC Exeter - 01392 457700

SMC Garage Group - 01392 424478

SMC County Garage - 01626 333433

The Schemes

Contract Hire: one regular affordable payment

'Contract Hire' offers worry-free motoring and the convenience of a single, regular payment - no wonder 95% of our customers choose this way to pay for their new car. It's easy too. Simply by transferring your allowance to us, you get a brand new car as well as insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and more.

To widen your choice we also have a range of larger or higher specification options. If the cost of the car you have chosen is higher than your full allowance can cover, you will need to pay the difference as an advance payment at the start of the agreement.

But some smaller, less expensive cars don't require the whole of your allowance to be used. In this case, you'll continue to receive the rest of your allowance as normal. If your allowance increases during the agreement, you'll also receive the increase. If you prefer, you could also buy a new or used car using our hire purchase option.

Please note: If you choose a contract hire car package you must have at least 12 months award length remaining.


Hire Purchase

You may prefer to buy your own vehicle, particularly if you:

  • Need to buy a new or used car

  • Need adaptations and would prefer not to have to re-install them after three years (alternatively, we can normally extend a three-year agreement for a further two years when it expires)

  • Regularly cover high mileage (i.e. above 45,000 miles over three years)


If you choose hire purchase, you negotiate the actual purchase price with your Motability dealer. Remember that you will be responsible for organising and paying for comprehensive insurance, breakdown recovery, servicing and repairs.

Please note: If you choose to buy a car with a hire purchase agreement, it is normally expected that you will be receiving the allowance for the full length of the agreement.


Please take a look at our FAQs section if you have any further questions, to see if they have been answered there.