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SMC Exeter - 01392 457700

SMC Garage Group - 01392 424478

SMC County Garage - 01626 333433

The New SEAT Ibiza

Made to move you, body and soul. The Ibiza is the freedom to choose, to be, to go. Inside and out, adventurous spirit comes as standard. Wherever the city takes you, get there in style with the award-winning Ibiza. 

We offer competitive finance plans for the SEAT Ibiza and a variety of great deals on the entire SEAT range all year round—click here to view our current offers. And if you’d like to find out more about what makes the SEAT Ibiza so special, please continue reading… 

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The Ibiza is designed for urban adventures. Which means everything you need to take on the city. Like an aerodynamically efficient shape to help you go further with less fuel. And improved safety and stability for an extra confidence boost. So, where are we going?     

What’s wrong with showing off?

Look sharp with the Ibiza's bold exterior lines, crafted with a combination of Computer Aided Design and engineering savvy for a car that looks agile, even at the lights. Here's to trying something new. To fun. To showing off.

See the light.

The future looks brilliant. The Ibiza’s Full LED headlights front and rear illuminate the night as if you were driving in daylight. You will love them, be excited, and might even dance with joy.

Paint the town many colours.

Available in eight striking colours—from Desire Red and Mystery Blue to Eclipse Orange, Mystic Magenta and Mediterranean Blue. As well as classic White, Urban Silver and Monsoon Grey.

Let’s roll.

You won’t want to hang about with these tailor-made rims, now available in 18 agile inches. Alloy brings lightness and strength, in your choice of design. And because they're galvanised, they'll stay fresh.

Want change? Experiment.

Why have one choice, when you can have many? With the Ibiza, the fun’s only getting started. So aim higher and make it yours with the upholstery colours, fabrics and finishing touches that suit you, not us.




No need to wait. It’s all right here, right now. Your Ibiza with 8” infotainment screen comes pre-loaded with the very latest SEAT technology to help you navigate the city (and life) seamlessly. Bring it on.

Easy connection.

If it’s not easy, it’s not mobility. So just place your smartphone in SEAT Ibiza's Wireless Phone Charger and let it charge up without fuss.

Find the way.

Want to get there effortlessly? The Ibiza’s 8” Glass Infotainment Screen features an integrated Navigation System with Full Link, maps and a handy Rear Parking Sensor. This is command and control. So, where to next?

The fun keeps coming.

Get in and get going in a heartbeat with KESSY Keyless Enter and Go. The start/stop button illuminates as your Ibiza unlocks automatically on your approach. Just press it to start the engine and you’re off.

Want to cruise? Relax. Feeling sporty? Go for FR Trim’s double suspension. Like it your own way? Fine. Drive Profile means every drive in your Ibiza is exactly how you want it. Set the mode and enjoy.

A helping hand when reversing, the Rear View Camera projects an image on your dashboard showing you which way to steer. When everything's nicely lined up, just guide your Ibiza into place. Safe, comfortable, and easy.

Start something big.

It’s the heart and soul of the Ibiza. The driving force of your next big adventure. Whatever efficient, performance engine you choose, this is where the fun really starts.




Relax. The Ibiza is designed to keep you and yours safe and sound. With peace of mind, you’re free to forget the details and focus on the big picture. Like how much fun you’re having.

You’ve got back up.

Adaptive Cruise Control with speed limiter adjusts the pace according to traffic, Front Assist applies the brakes in an emergency and Tiredness Recognition lets you know when to rest. Whatever the road brings, we’ve got you.

Let’s make it effortless.

The new generation of Electronic Stability Control does exactly what it says on the tin. Any sign of a slip and your Ibiza springs into action, reducing acceleration as the Multi-collision Brake System stops dangerous skids in their tracks.

The sky’s the limit.

Take on the city slopes with the Ibiza. Hill Hold Control makes hill starts easy, with no fear of rolling back when you take your foot off the brake. So you can keep on climbing.

Want to drive like you mean it?

Pile on the pressure. Your Ibiza can handle it. A dedicated Tyre Pressure Monitor keeps track so you can take on the road with confidence.


Like the sound of the Ibiza? Contact your local dealership today to book a test drive or find out more information.